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No Facebook, No Photos!!!

I am increasingly asked by couples at Wedding appointments, to make an announcement that a social media blackout is in force or to ask that no photos are taken during their Ceremony! The latter request, is always appreciated by Photographer s, too many times official photographs are spoilt, by a ‘mass’ of arms in the air, holding mobile phones ? Couples are also aware that social media can become a ‘live’ feed, of their Wedding Day and will set up appropriate links , for their guests to post their photos of the day too! Almost becoming an ‘ unofficial ‘ wedding album!

Just one of the many things a Professional Toastmaster can do, to make your special day, special!!



The following is from a blog by Inta Omanbriede, a Photographer based in the Midlands and explains the duties of a Professional Toastmaster at a Wedding:-

Photography by Inta Omanbriede. Toastmaster : Nigel Fielding
Venue: The Upper House Barlaston.

Once widely appointed for many occasions including Weddings, todays toastmaster is not so well known. However, the hire of a wedding toastmaster is becoming more and more popular today.
Some families hire a toastmaster to show off the wealth of the family, some hire if the wedding day is to be a long day packed with entertainment and a lot of guests, to help them on the day.

What does the Toastmaster do?

The main role of the Toastmaster is to act as the meeting’s genial host, introducing participants and making sure everything runs to time.

To start with, toastmaster duties would include to ensure the venue is ready to welcome the wedding guests and to greet the bride/groom on the arrival. All throughout the day the toastmaster accompanies the bride/groom and makes sure everything is organized and prepared for bride/groom and her guests. The role is very important and helps the day run smooth.

Things such as the group photographs are organized with the help of the toastmaster, and so are all the announcements, such as speeches, first dance and the cutting of the cake. It helps the bride/groom to have a stress free day and to celebrate whilst the toastmaster helps with all the little, but very important things on the day- he even helps the newlywed to hold its glass of champagne, bouquet or even the tail of the dress where necessary.

How much does it cost to hire a Toastmaster?

The fee is lower than a wedding cake. The average cost starts from around £300

Where to find a Wedding Toastmaster?


The Executive Guild Of Toastmasters


Nigel Fielding

I hope you enjoyed reading this article!

With Love- Inta x



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